What is a line level converter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i am on my way to figuring this one out myself. im using this in car audio terms though. it converts the regular speaker wires, like the ones that come out of the back of a car stereo head unit, into rca cables, so you can plug them into an amp. rca cables are the ones that look like xbox or playstation video cables, except its only audio

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Q: What is a line level converter?
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What is a line out converter?

It converts the output from your car radio to a lower level so the inputs to your amplifier aren't overloaded.

How do you hook up fractory stereo to amp?

With a line output converter. Converts high level speaker outputs to low level line (RCA) inputs. Raptor install accessories part #LOCA25.

How do you install amp to a durabrand db1215 car stereo?

due to fact there are no rca outputs you must purchase a line level converter, which has RCA type jacks.

Can you hook up an amp to a 2008 ford focus CD player?

yes you can you will have to use an line out converter or l.o.c. it converts high level signal into low level signal so you can have rca inputs for the amp

1999 300 m infinity sound system stock can an extra amp be added to the system?

Yes but u will need a line level converter if not a sound processor

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