What is a lambroghini?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Lamborghini is a highly expensive exotic sports car.

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Q: What is a lambroghini?
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Are lambroghini's the best models?


What make is a silver tractor?


What is faster lambroghini or Ferrari?

It depends what Ferrari and what Lamborghini.

How fast is the Lambroghini Aventador J?

as fast as light

Who invented the lambroghini?

the person who invented the Lamborghini was ferruccio Lamborghini

How fast does the lambroghini veneno go?

220 mph/355km/h

What is faster a lambroghini reventon or a buggati veryon?

they are the same. they both travel 211 mph

How much does a Lambroghini cost?

Depends on which Lamborghini, but basically averages to around $300,000 I'd say

How do you get a Lambroghini Reventon on Need for Speed Most Wanted?

Its a mod, look for it on youtube, one of the vids will have a URL link, got to it and get it,.

How rare is the Lambroghini Gallardo 2010 hotwheels?

My dad and I collect hot wheels and we have 2 and haven't seen them since the begging of 2010.

What is the reliability of a lamborghini?

Lambroghini's are much more reliable today and are made of much better quality materials but I can't vouch for any Garuntee reliability