What is a gearbox on a car?

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A gearbox is another name for a transmission.

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Q: What is a gearbox on a car?
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Why is a gearbox fitted to a car?


Which part of the car contains the gears?


Where can one find more information about gearbox online?

Gearbox software can be found at Sony. Gearbox parts for cars can be found at your car dealership. Make sure you know what kind of gearbox you are looking for.

What are O Rings used for in a car gearbox?

Depends on the car, and what you mean by "gearbox". O-rings are used as seals to keep fluids inside of places they are supposed to be.

What is the average weight of a car gearbox?

90 lbs

Where is gearbox ecu on Mercedes 220cd?

england sports car

Where is the gearbox oil located on a fiat punto speedgear 2001?

The gearbox oil on a 2001 Fiat Punto Speedgear is located where the car's front drive wheels are. The gearbox isÊpumpkin shaped.Ê

Need to check gearbox oil in 1995 Excel where is it located please?

for it manual or automatic,,,,big difference......on a manual,,,you have to get under the car to to the gearbox,,,,,then find the gearbox plug bolt,,,then fill the gearbox to that level....automatic is very different

Where is the oil refill plug for the gearbox on Renault Clio?

I have a 1.5 dci 2001 and its on the side of the gearbox at the front of the car (passenger's side). It's a plustic plug which is easier to see from the bottom of the car.

What does DSG mean when applied to a Golf car?

direct shift gearbox

Where is the gearbox top up level plug on a Saab 9.3 tid 2007 model manual gearbox?

The gearbox top up level on a Saab 9.3 2007 model for a manual gearbox is located underneath the engine inspection cover. It is essential that the car is level when adding oil to the gearbox.

What is a syncro on a car?

a syncro is in the gearbox, it allows it binds up with a gear to allow the gearbox speed to become the same and the gear change to be smoothe

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