What is a convertible boot cover?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's a cloth cover for the convertible top when it is stowed in the down position.

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Q: What is a convertible boot cover?
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Will the boot cover from an 02 sebring convertible fit an 05?

Yes, 01-06 will do.

Will a 1995 mustang convertible top boot fit a 1994?


Will a 1992 lebaron convertible parade boot fit a 1995?

Yes it will.

Where to buy convertible top boot for 97 Sunfire?

If you copy your question and paste it into Google, you will see lots of places that will sell you convertible tops and boots.

Will astra coupe boot lid fit astra convertible?

i think the convertible lid is shorter due to the panel nearest to the hood opening (bit that lifts when hood is stored) I will check tomorrow as i have coupe and friend at work has convertible.

Do you have to wear your military cover when in a convertible with the top down?


What is used to cover boot of cars?


Can I replace the boot on a 1996 Mustang cobra convertible with a boot from another years model?

Yeah....I'm fairly sure 1994-1998 is the range....just bought one!

How do i know if the cv boot is bad on my 2004 Chrysler sebring convertible?

You look at it and if it is cracked and leaking grease it has failed.

How do you check the convertible top hydraulic fluid and pump on a 1998 Mercedes SL500?

under spare wheel in the boot

Where is the boot on the ball joint?

The boot is the rubber cover The boot is the accorion-folded rubber shroud that fits over the ball joint,

Where are the drive motors for a 1996 BMW 328i convertible located?

In the trunk on the drivers side. Remove the carpeted cover by removing the two retaining pins and you will see both motors on the left. One for the top behind the rear seat and the one for the boot next to the fender.