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Nissan 240 SX

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Q: What is a cheep turbo car under 5k and under 2l?
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Where can you get a diagram of the timing marks for changing timing belts on a 1996 Nissan Primera 2L turbo diesel?


What are the specs for a Toyota 2c engine?

I have Toyota 2l-T engine the problem is the oil blowing on the exhaust is this the turbo charger problem?

Can you replace a 1994 eclipse 1.8L engine with a 2L turbo 1994?

yes, but you have to change the wiring harness to accept the engine, but yes, it can be done. If you do not have the right wiring harness, you would burn up the turbo

How do you tell if the replace motor 2L non-turbo is older than they said if the cams appear to be not all silver on the lopes?

no matters what year they said 90 to 93 i believe they made the Mitsubishi(good) motor for that car after that it was the Chrysler motor (crap)

Where can you find a 2 2l engine for an 88 200sx turbo?

Hmm.. I'm assuming you are outside the United States due to the fact that in the US, Turbo Model 200sxs were discontinued at the end of 86. There is no popular 2.2L Turbo Engine that I know of that works good with an S12 200sx. Popular Swaps are SR20DET (2L 4-cylinder Dual overhead cam Fuel Injected Turbo Charged Engine) CA18DET (1.8L 4-cylinder Dual overhead cam Fuel Injected Turbo Charged Engine) KA24DE (2.4L 4-cylinder Dual overhead cam Fuel Injected Naturally Aspired Engine)

2L zetec mondeo 1995 misfire under load?

If only under load then......spark plug leads.

What turbo will fit an automatic 2002 vw golf?

There are a multitude of turbos that can fit on an 02 golf. TO better answer your question, please state engine? is it the 2L, 1.8t, 2.6V6??

What would cause engine oil to be collecting in your radiator even the head gasket is good in the Toyota 2L EFI turbo diesel engine?

Rebuild the turbo! Your oil contamination is most likely coming from a leak between your turbo's oiling and cooling passages. That's my best guess w/o looking at it.

What is the solution to soukoban level 11?

1d i posted a video on how to do this on youtube...go to com and search for soukoban 2l 3d 2r 2u 2d 2l 2u 2l 1u 2r 1u 2r 2d 2l 2d 2r 1u 1d 2l 3u 2l 1d 1r 1d 2l 3d 2r 2u 2d 2l 2u 2l 1u 2r 1u 2r 2d 2l 2d 2r 1u 1d 2l 3u 2l 1d

What is greater 200ml or 2l?


What is 2L to cL?

2L = 200cL

Is the fuel filter on a 2005 Dodge Neon 2L in the same spot as a 1997 Neon?

its on the right side of the car,located around the front of the fenderwell, but under the car. its a silver dome about 2.5 inchs round with a single plastic hose coming off it.