What is a car carrier used for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Car carriers are used to transport items that would not fit inside your car. They attach to your cars roof and are used to transport things like bikes, luggage, or camping equipment.

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Q: What is a car carrier used for?
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What is the purpose of a bike carrier on a car?

A bike carrier on a car is used to carry bicycles on your car, that do not fit inside of the car. They are often used for bikers to ride on trails, or in races.

When was Nissan Motor Car Carrier created?

Nissan Motor Car Carrier was created in 1965.

What is Nissan Motor Car Carrier's population?

Nissan Motor Car Carrier's population is 72.

What companies manufacture a car seat carrier?

There are many companies that manufacture a car seat carrier. Examples of companies that manufacture a car seat carrier includes Evenflo or Global Sources.

What companies can one use to purchase a car luggage carrier?

The companies that may be used to purchase a car luggage carrier are Sears, Target and Auto Anything. Cheaper carriers can be found on the auction site eBay.

Can you rent a car carrier online?

Yes, there are lots of websites where you can hire car carrier online. Also car rental companies are providing car with drivers.

Car carrier jobs in Portland, OR?

Yes, there are car carrier job listings in Oregon. Visit and to look for car carrier jobs near you. Also take a look in your local phone book for local car carrying businesses.

If a bicycle carrier is referred to as trunk mounted when it is placed on the back of a car what is it called when it is placed on the top of the car?

A bicycle attached to the top of the car does not alter the name of the equipment you use to attach it to the car. The bicycle carrier will still be referred to as a bicycle carrier regardless of its location on the car.

What exactly is a car top carrier?

A car top carrier is a carrier that straps on to the roof racks of vehicles. It is designed to carry luggage or any thing else that needs to be stored.

What speed can you travel with a Thule 1600 cartop carrier?

A person should be able to travel the posted speed limit with a Thule 1600 car top carrier. This is assuming the car top carrier is mounted to the car properly.

What is a car top carrier?

A car top carrier is basically a carrier that you can mount to the top of most cars and trucks. There are ones that are special for carrying bikes or other sports gear, as well as ones that can are built for carrying a large suit case. They are used usually when there is no more room in the vehicle to place these items.

Where can one hire a car carrier truck?

A car carrier truck can be hired from "Budget Truck Rental" which is located in America. In Great Britain one can hire a car carrier truck from "Transporter Hire" which is located in London and Birmingham.