What is a bus that is very long called?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i think it is called a chater bus or something i don't know it is something that is very pretty inside and has television i don't remember what it is called

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Q: What is a bus that is very long called?
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What is Malayalam translation of englishwordbus?

The long motor vehicle 'bus' is not an Indian contribution. Very compact and easy name suitable for it is 'bus'. So, you had better call 'bus' as 'bus' in Malayalam too. You can use 'sakadam' for vehicle. If a long word is coined in Malayalam for 'bus', it would be boring.

What is the b5 song called with them on the school bus?

who knows, they havent been out in a long time.

How long is a double decker bus?

as long as a double decker bus

What is a bus with group rental rates called?

A bus with group rental rates is generally referred to as a 'tour bus' or 'coach'. They generally make broad trips over tourist locations, and are very popular with foreigners.

What is a hippie bus called?

A V.W. bus

When did Long Island Bus end?

Long Island Bus ended in 2011.

When was Long Island Bus created?

Long Island Bus was created in 1973.

What is a bus for tourists called?

A tourist bus. What did you expect?

How many seats are there in a bus?

It depends on how long the bus is

How long is a bus?

A normal school bus would be about 36 ft long from front to the back. A double decker bus would be only 25 ft long. A common city bus would average around 27 ft to 30 ft long. A tourist bus or big coach bus could be up to 32 ft long.

Is 35 days considered as a long time?

It depends. If yo had to wait 35 days for the next bus I'd say it was a very long time. But if you had to wait 35 days for your birthday, I wold say that was not very long.

Why is there a bus called the Rosa Parks bus?

because she sat in the bus but did not to leave