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Lspv-load sensing proportioning valve is the part of break assembly .it senses the load of vehicle and aply an effective pressure with respective to the vehicle loaded or unloaded & break the vehicle.also avoid skiding of vehicle.

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Q: What is a brake load sensing proportioning valve?
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There is some type of valve that the rear brake line goes to near the left rear wheel mine is leaking what is it called?

Not knowing what kind of vehicle you have, all I can do is guess that it is a load/height sensing proportioning valve.

What is the block on the frame of an 1988 dodge Dakota where the brake lines run in to and a lever and a spring system running down to the front of the rear drivers leaf spring?

It is a height sensing proportioning valve. It controls rear brake pressure depending on load.

Can you bypass the load level valve on 1996 Toyota Tacoma?

The proportioning valve is used to determine the amount of brake power to be distributed to the rear wheels by sensing the height of the bed (differences in rear weight) if replacing valve you should properly bleed air out of system. The valve is there for a reason it should not be bypassed.

What Is A Brake Load Sensing Valve On A Toyota Privia And Where Is It?

I Need Help With My 1992 Toyota Privia Please Answer My Question.

1992 Dodge Ram D-50 excessive brake pedal travel calipers wheel cylinders hoses lines and master cylinder checked and bled whole system lack of fluid at rear any experience with load sensor valve?

Proportioning valve may be faulty.

Does a 1991 Nissan D-21 pickup 2wd have a load sensing valve in the brake system and if so where is it?

yes it does it is on the back axle attached to the gear potThe round thing in the will have 3 brake lines going into it Get yourself some penetrating fluid your gonna need it

What is the function of the block that all your 1995 ford Taurus rear brake lines run into?

That is the Rear Brake Proportioning Valve (also referred to as a Rear brake pressure regulator). Depending on the suspension position, it changes how much pressure is sent to the rear brakes. Depending on the situation, it may increase pressure (usually during high rear load conditions) or decrease the pressure to prevent unpredictable handling.

How do you fix rear brakes locking up Toyota hilux?

Check the LPV (Load proportioning valve), if fitted. It controls the amount of rear vs front braking under "heavy" loads, if faulty it will cause rear lock up. Another thing to check is that front brakes have been bled, and the front brake circuit is working at all.

What monitors the weight distribution of the vehicle and automatically adjusts the front rear brake bias accordingly?

In general, on most vehicles,particularly Front Wheel Drive & Light Utility Vehicles, the rear axle is fitted with a load sensing device.(This is easily spotted on the axle & it's operation should be fairly obvious.)This merely opens a valve more or less, according to the load on the rear axle (ie, passengers in a FWD car, or cargo, in a LUV) increasing or decreasing the amount of brake fluid applied to the rear wheels during the braking phase.

A proportioning valve?

Located at the rear axle, there'll be a rod connected to the frame. The whole purpose of it is primarily for medium duty trucks (sometimes you'll see it on the heavier side of light duty), and it prevents an excessive application of the brakes when the vehicle is lightly loaded or unladen. As the weight of the cargo pushes the suspension down, that rod pushes down and opens up the valve further, allowing more fluid to flow with brake applications, thus giving you braking force necessary for the load being carried, while preventing too much brake force being applied when unladen.

Do motors get load when they are about to brake down?

no they dont

Would like to know if anyone has removed the load sensing valve and used a t piece to connect up the lines on a 96 Nissan d21?

Some people have done exactly what you said. The only issue is the possibility of the rear brakes locking and causing control issues. Other people have put an adjustable control valve in it's place.