What is a Police car top speed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Newer crown Victoria Police Interceptor will max out at 120 because of the speed limiter. The older models had drive-line failure during high speed (130-140mph) driving so they added a limiter. (police interceptor crown Victoria's made before 2006 have a speed limiter set at 140 mph)

All true Police cars should have a tire speed rating of W (168 mph) so that is not a factor in its top speed.

the charger based police cars come in 2 flavors, The wild and crazy 5.7L Hemi V8 and the calm 3.5L V6. The V8 has the speed limiter set at 146mph. The V6 at 137 mph.

Also The Chevrolet Tahoe SUV (some areas have them, I know mine does) Has a max speed of a 133mph and i think this is drag limited

The Chevrolet Impala police car has a max speed of 139mph with the 3.9L V6

But needess to say it is the wrong idea to run from the cops because if they catch you the circumstances will be worse for you than if you just stopped in the first place. But at 145 mph cops can't read your just keep going (in 5 sec you will be more than 2 miles away already).

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Q: What is a Police car top speed?
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Top speed for a Crown Victoria police interceptor is 140MPH. This is not because it is all that the car is capable of, it's because it's governed by the vehicles computer and will stop accelerating once it hits the top speed listed on the speedometer of 140MPH. I sell police vehicles for a living. To check out my credibility look up my company on Google: Martel Autos or Martel's Police Vehicles.

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