What is a J-BUS connector?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is a type of pass-through connector used on JVC car audio, it allows external components such as iPods and satellite receivers to be connected in series.

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Q: What is a J-BUS connector?
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What does SC stands for in SC connector?

standard connector or square connector

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A DIN connector has a 5-Pin connector

Difference between SC and LC connector?

One difference between an SC and an LC connector is that an LC connecter is smaller in size than an SC connector. Also, an LC connector is considered a latch connector, whereas an SC connector is considered to be a push-pull connector.

What is the fullform of SC connector and LC connector?

LC full form Lucent connector

Full form of SC ST Connector?

In Optic Fiber Connectors,SC Connector stands for "Subscriber Connectoror Standard Connector"ST Connector stands for "Straight Tip Connector"

What is the difference between an AT and an ATX power connector?

The connectors are different in size,the AT connector is smaller in size while the ATX connector is bigger,the AT connector has a cable that is lighter than that of the ATX connector.

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the main connector

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The name of the connector is Molex connector

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