What is a DTM car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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DTM stands forDeutsche Tourenwagen Masters(german touring cars)
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Q: What is a DTM car?
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What does the term DTM stand for?

The acronym DTM stands for Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. Also known as German Touring Car Masters, they are a Silhouette Racing car series based in Germany.

What car manufacturers take part in dtm?

Audi and Mercedes. Opel used to.

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Dtm = dads talk money

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What does DTM and JDM mean?

DTM stands for Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, which is a racing series that takes place in Germany.JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, and generally refers to any part/car that is specific to the Japanese market, typically because of how different other countries' safety regulations are.Source: Wikipedia, Car Scene experience

What is DTM coating?

DTM coating stands for "Direct-to-Metal" coating, which is a type of paint or coating that can be applied directly onto metal surfaces without the need for a primer. DTM coatings are designed to provide corrosion protection and excellent adhesion to metal substrates, making them popular for industrial, automotive, and marine applications.

Manual book Nikon DTM-352?


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DTM stands for Digital Terrain Model. It is a representation of the bare earth surface topography without any vegetation or man-made structures. DTMs are commonly used in remote sensing applications to perform terrain analysis, such as slope and aspect calculations.

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one is kenya

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