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The Canon remote controller RC 1 is used to control the RC 1 remote control car. A remote control car is usually a small car that can be controlled from a distance with a controller.

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Q: What is a Canon remote controller RC 1 used for?
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Where can you get a remote that works for any remote control car?

RC cars are controlled by controllers of a designated frequency of radio waves. To control a RC car, you must have a controller that the RC car has a paired frequency with. A universal RC controller is non existant.

What can I do with an rc servo?

An RC servo - a hobbyist remote control device - can be used for remote-controlled airplanes, robots or other devices that one wishes to operate from a distance.

How do you build a robot without buying any parts?

Ha! Glad you asked. It is all simple: get your computer, download the program BioBotics. Now you will need a RC car and a Xbox 360 remote. Turn on your Rc car and your xbox remote. BioBotics should pick up the frequencies and hack them. Now you can control the RC car with only a computer and a gaming controller!

What is a RC Crawler used for?

RC Crawlers are toys and are used primarily for the entertainment of young adults. They are remote-controlled cars or trucks that are meant for heavy or rocky terrain.

What is a RC transmitter used for?

According to information RC transmitters relates to radio signals for a remote control device. The radio singles are transmitted to any device that has been designed to work by remote control such as toy helicopters and remote control cars to name just a couple of remote control types of items.

What are RC?

Rc are little cars used for racing or just riding around. They can go fast with upgrades. There are 2 types electric and gas

What is the abbreviation for remote control?


What battery do rc Buggies require?

RC Buggies tend to use 9.6v batteries, these are sufficient to operate an RC buggy. RC is short for Remote Control, so it is basically a remote control car.

What type of batteries do most remote control cars operate on?

A 7.2 volt battery is used in most remote control cars. They are also called RC cars and some places sell RC batteries for these specific cars. There are most likely other batteries that can also be used.

Were can you get another remote control for a remote control car?

eBay or an RC store

Can you use a remote control antenna with a coat hanger?

Yes you could even a TV antenna might do well or you could try asking a friend or relative if they have a replacement antenna from their old RC controller for a RC vehicle they never use anymore, even use your own old RC controller (just make sure their antenna's in good condition).Its fortunate that they screw off quite easily & screw back in other just as well.Happy driving/flying!

Can you use a RC car remote with a RC boat?

yes, as long as the crystals are the same