What is a Bulkhead?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A vertical space divider - or just call it a wall.

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Q: What is a Bulkhead?
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What movie is the character bulkhead from?

The character bulkhead is from the movie transformers. The movie with bulkhead came out in the year 2004.

What sizes does a bulkhead light come in?

Bulkhead lights come in many different sizes. Bulkhead lights come in different sizes and shapes. Bulkhead sells lighting for indoor and outdoor use.

How do you use the word bulkhead?

The storage bunker is in the forward portside bulkhead.

How do you use bulkhead in a sentence?

Stow your gear in the locker abaft the aft bulkhead, sailor. We've got bilge water in the bulkhead, sir!

What is the bulkhead on an aircraft?

The term "bulkhead" is actually a nautical term for an interior wall.

What is the bulkhead on a ship?

The bulkhead on a ship is a structure that separates sections of the ship. This structure makes each section water tight and looks basically like a wall.

Which companies sell bulkhead connectors?

Bulkhead connectors can be purchased from Amazon, eBay and Indiamart to name a few. A bulkhead connector is a kind of coupler allowing pipes or cables to pass through.

What is swash bulkhead?

a bulkhead erected to reduce the swashing action of a tank's liquid content as a ship rolls and pitches at sea; the bulkhead is nontight and may run in the transverse or longitudinal direction

Where is the bulkhead connector located on 1994 Chrysler Concorde?

where is the bulkhead connector located on 1994 Chrysler concorde

What is a 'bulkhead' on a ship?

A wall

What is a antonym for bulkhead?


Which part of the house uses bulkhead doors?

The part of the house that uses bulkhead doors is the kitchen or the door that leads to the patio because bulkhead doors are very easy to be used as kitchen doors and patio doors.