What is Yamaha yzf r125 automatic or manual?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is Yamaha yzf r125 automatic or manual?
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What is mileage of Yamaha yzf r125?

Yamaha yzf r125 mileage

How much horse power does the Yamaha yzf-r125 have?

14.8 horsepower

Will Yamaha yzf r125 will come to India or no?

sadly no :( i researched a lot :(

What is Yamaha yzf r125 price in India?

the price of r125 will be between 80- 85 ex-showroom and on road it will be 94-96thousand

What kind of immobilizer on the r125?

what kind of immobilizer on the yzf-r125

What is the price of yzf r125 bike in Nepal?


Does anyone have wiring diagram for Yamaha Yzf r125 2008 model?

hi good for you mate! i found the electrical wiring diagram of r125 at the technical section of just check the links below hope that helps! thanks

Is Yamaha YZF R125 available in the Philippines?

This is for European market, but if you're willing to pay and money doesn't affect your passion for this machine, you could order from an importer, with your local bike distributor, or indent it with Yamaha motors Philippines.

What type of bike is a Yamaha YZF R1?

The Yamaha YZF R1 motorcycle is a sports bike class motorcycle. The Yamaha YZF R1, like other Yamaha sports bikes, are available from authorized Yamaha dealers.

How many carburetors does a 2002 Yamaha yzf 600 have?

The yzf is fuel injected no carburetors

How much is a Yamaha YZF-R15?

The price of a Yamaha YZF-R15 can vary depending on the year and condition of the motorcycle. They can cost from about $2000 to $15,000.

What company makes the YZF 250?

Yamaha are the company the make the Yamaha YZF 250 model motorbike. This motorbike model can be found to buy second hand on eBay. The YZF 250 is distinctive in its appearance.