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RR means rural rout and most of the time is out of the city limits

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Q: What is RR address in case of garaging address?
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What is garaging address?

The address where you park your vehicle regularly is considered the Garaging Address

Can you have multiple addresses on car insurance?

You can have two addresses, mailing address and garaging address. The garaging address cannot be a post office box. Insurance companies charge you based on the garaging address of the vehicle, not your mailing address.

How do you find your garaging address?

The garaging addess is the physical location that the car is when you are at "home" and not using the car. This can not be a P.O. Box.

What does RR stand for with addresses in West Virginia?

RR in a postal address can mean rural route

Can you have car insurance in Buffalo NY but register the car in nyc?

No. You would need to put your residence address on both the insurance contract as your garaging address and New York will require the same address be where the vehicle is registered. In either case if you lie you will certainly jeopardize your insurance coverage and probably be in trouble with the authorities as well.

Can you list a PO Box as address on car insurance card?

PO Box would be your mailing address and the insurance company really cares about the garaging address of the vehicle so it may be difficult.

What does rr mean in an address?

Russian Revolution.

Do I have to change my garaging address if I take my car to college?

Are you in a different state? Wouldn't hurt to advise your agent or the policy services dept of your insurance company.

Abbreviation for RR and POB in an address?

POB stands for Post Office Box. It is also my initials - Peter O'Brien =] Not sure about RR, though. EDITED BY SOMEONE ELSE: :) RR stands for Rural Route.

Is RR an actual address or is it a PO Box?

RR is a Rural Route. It is an actual address. Many Roural Routes are formatted such as RR1 Box 403 but it is just saying Route 1 Mailbox number 403.

Are there copys in the public of the Gettysburg address printed by rr donnelley and sons?


Where is the Astoria Rr Preservation Association in Astoria Oregon located?

The address of the Astoria Rr Preservation Association is: Po Box 541, Astoria, OR 97103-0541