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The Titantic

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Q: What is MV as used before the name of a ship?
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What does Mv on a ship's name mean?

merchant vessel

The name of South Africa's research and supply ship that visits Antarctica?

Mv sa agulhas

Why the MV Joyita sank?

The MV Joyita did not sink, the ship was abandoned at sea. The question still remains why the crew and passengers abandoned ship?

WHAT IS mv command?

In unix mv command is used to 'move' a file or folder from one location to another. It can also be used for renaming a file or folder. For eg: to change the name of a file 'sample.txt' to 'testfile.txt', mv sample.txt testfile.txt Enter 'mv --help' or 'man mv' in the shell prompt for the manual page of mv command.

What does ms in front of a ships name mean?

MS Stands for "Motor Ship" and is interchangeable with the prefix "MV" or "Motor Vessle"

In marine terminology what does MS mean how is it different from MV?

In marine terminology, MS is a prefix meaning "motor ship" and the prefix MV means "motor vessel." The two are often used synonymously.

Which command is used to move a file?

The command MV is used to move a file in simple Linux Code. This command will move files and directories from one spot to another spot. To move a file, one would simply type in the letters MV before its name.

Who owns MV Feisty Gas?

The Chinese own the ship.

What is name of ship caused oil spill on the beach of Mumbai?

The MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia 3 collided causing the 2010 Mumbai oil spill. The MSC Chitra was the ship that was carrying the oil. Notably, the MV Khalijia had recently been involved in another collision in July.

What is the passenger capacity of a MV Silver Whisper?

The MV Silver Whisper is a cruise ship with a passenger capacity of 382. There are 295 crew members. The ship was built by the Mariotti Shipyard in Genoa, Italy.

Who is the captain of the Merchant Ship named MV Suez?

Robert MC lellan

When the first ship produce in cochin shipyard in which year?

MV Rani padmini is the first ship produced in cochin shipyard and it was in the year 1981