What is Austin Healy Sprite famous for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Austin Healey Sprite is a sports car that was designed by the Donald Healey Motor Company. It came out on May 20, 1958. Production of the car ended in 1961.

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Q: What is Austin Healy Sprite famous for?
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Where can you find information on Austin Healy?

There are a number of Austin Healy collectors' organizations throughout the world. For example, the Austin Healy Club USA has a website which contains resources and discussion forums for fans.

When was the Austin Healy Bugeye car produced?

The Austin-Healey Sprite car, is known as the Bugeye car in the United States. It's a small open sports car that was first manufactured in 1960 after being announced in 1958.

When was Austin-Healey Sprite created?

Austin-Healey Sprite was created in 1958.

What is the name of a car beginning with letter s?

Acura Austin Aurora Auburn Astin Accord Audi

When was the first austin Healey 300 made?

the Austin Healy was in production from 1959 until 1967. The Healy was made by Jensen Motors, and the was put together in Abingdon at British Motor Works..

A type of car that starts with a?

audi or acura An Acura, an Austin-Healy

How can you find an Austin Healey sprite for sale?

There are many websites where someone can visit to find an Austin Healey Sprite for sale. Examples of some websites are carandclassic and autotraderclassics.

What kind of car in movie the royal tenenbaums?

1964 Austin Healy 3000

How much would an Austin Healy 3000 cost?

An Austin Healy 3000 replica would cost about $45,000. An original 3000 Austin Healey in show room condition would cost as much as $60,000. A fully restored 3000 is slightly lower at $30,000 to $40,000.

Is the austin healey sprite only sold in England?

Austin Healey sprite is a car model and make that originates from England but is sold across the world with several dealerships also in sale of these products.

What is an Austin Healy automobile?

An Austin Healy is a small two seater sportscar originating in Britian. This car was manufactured until 1972 when an 20 year long agreement between the designer/owners came to an end. The design of this car was bought by Jaguar.

Where can someone find pictures for the Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye?

One can find pictures for the Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye when one does one's search using Google image. One can also go to the website of Hemmings where there are many Austin models for sale.