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Q: What is A frequent cause of system sub optimization is?
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What is a sub system?

a sub system is little systems that are part of a bigger system

Examples of system and sub system in system analysis and design?

One example of a system and sub system in system analysis and design is an organization (system) with interrelated department (sub system). Another example would be a computer (system) and all of its components (subsystem).

What is the relationship between systems and sub-systems?

The relationship between a system and sub-system, is that they are both a part of each other. If a circle is the system, the different pieces inside of this circle are the sub-systems. You cannot have one without the other.

What do you mean by distributed system?

it's consist of big system and that system we sub divided into sub systysem called a distrbuited system. an example of this is a scada system that have one main control system and through that system we distrbute the system to the site that we have which called a distrbuted system .

What are the sub coordinates of equinoctial system of coordinates?

equinoctial system of coordinates

What is the nature of production and operation management?

1) it is a sub system in an organisation. 2) it acts as a converted sub system. 3) it acts as a control sub system. 4) it is an organisaton function 5) it is used in decision making 6) it is used for optimum utilisation of resources.

What are the two sub group of nervous system?

central nervous system and periferal nervous system

What are sub system of hrm?

Sub-system is a system, consisting of elements like men, machinery, materials and or information, which is not an end by itself but instead forms part of the main system and coexists with one or more of other systems.

What are database schema and sub-schemas?

A database schema is an actual plan for a database system. Sub-schemas are separate divisions that are used to achieve the plan for the database system.

What are 3 subsystems of a automobile?

One is a stereo system and that is all i know.

Describe division of labour as an economic sub system in sociology's?

The division of labour as an economic sub system in sociology results to specialization which leads to learning and development of new skills.

What are the 36 sub caste in Nepal caste system?