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it really coudn't be compared because a crash is measured in g's. psi is the amount of air in a square inch

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Q: What is 1800 psi compared to in a car crash?
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What is 1800 psi in bar?

1800 pounds per square inch = 124.106 bar.

What is the pressure of a dingo bite?

I've heard they can excert 1800 psi

What is car psi?

psi is air pressure per square inch normally for your tyres

What psi should the fuel pump be?

Fuel pump pressure depends on which fuel system the car has. If your car has a carburetor then the fuel pressure should be 9 - 13 psi. If your car is fuel injected then the fuel pressure should be about 45 psi.

What is the auto combustion pressure for diesel?

The auto combustion pressure for a diesel engine is 580 psi. This is compared to the 200 psi of the gas powered engine.

How much psi does it take to crush a car?

To crush a small to mid size car it takes roughly 2300 psi. If you want to crush a big truck, SUV, or bigger vehicle you will need more than 2400 psi.

How much 134a refrigerant does a 1993 Town Car need?

The total amount required is measured in PSI, which is about 35 PSI. Therefore, the amount you need is calculated by using the following formula: Required PSI = 35 PSI - Actual PSI

What is the tensile strength of 304 stainless compared to carbon steel?

304 strength ranges from 80,000 psi to 250,000 psi, depending on degree of cold work. Standard carbon steel strength is less than 80,000 psi.

How much more does the air in a tire weigh at full psi compared to when the tire is empty?

Exactly the same -

What is recommended psi for 2003 Malibu tires?

For that car it is 30 psi. You can always find the recommended PSI if you open the driver door and look in the doorjam. There will be a sticker unless it has been removed.

What will be the standard intensity of pressure in brake drums of car?

about 12 psi

What is the proper PSI for spray painting a car?

Hire someone else to do it!!!

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How much psi does it take to crush a car?

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