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A bulldozer.

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Q: What industrial vehicle is used to level earth?
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What industrial vehicle is used level earth?

GraderA bulldozer.

Which vehicle is used for making roads level?

A grader.

What is the purpose of liquid level gauges?

Liquid level gauges are used to show the level of liquid in a container. They are most often used to view the level of liquid in tanks and boilers in an industrial setting.

What vehicle is used in carrying instruments and apparatus outside the earth's atmosphere?


What are crystalline substances found naturally in the earth?

The crystalline substances that are found naturally in the earth are known as minerals. There are literally hundreds of minerals on Earth that are used in everything from industrial purposes to consumption.

What is an instrumentation amplifier used for?

A instrumentation amplifier is a special purpose linear amplifier used to amplify low level signals. These are used in many industrial and medical applications.

What properties of diamonds make them useful?

Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, and 75% of diamonds mined are used in industry. Industrial diamonds are used for cutting tools.

What are diamonds used for and why?

Gem-quality diamonds are used in jewelry and as investments, because of their value. Industrial-quality diamonds are used in industry, because diamond is the hardest natural mineral on Earth.

How do diamonds effect people?

Diamonds are a commodity at the gemstone level; and are used in tools at the industrial level (about 75%). Gemstone diamonds are expensive and are either given or purchased based on some emotional state of mind. (The same can be said about any other expensive commodity.) Industrial diamonds are used to fashion useful materials, structures and tools that benefit humans.

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About 75% of all diamonds mined are used for industrial purposes: they are not gemstone quality.

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