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Q: What imaginary line through the center of the upper and lower pivot points?
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Imaginary line through the center of the upper and lower pivot points?


Do rainbows move?

The center of the rainbow is always on the imaginary line from the sunthrough your head.-- As the sun moves higher or lower, the center of the rainbowmust move lower or higher.-- If you move left or right (and take your head with you),the center of the rainbow must also move left or right.

Do nonmetals have higher melting points or lower boiling points?

lower melting points

What are the points of a planet that are farthest and nearest the planet called?

Higher apsis and lower apsis are furthest and nearest to the center of attraction of a planet.

What is the horizontal section through the body?

Transverse or horizontal plane: It is parallel to the ground and this imaginary plane divide body or its part in to superior (upper) or inferior (lower) parts

What is a goal in Aussie Rules called?

It is called a Goal. It is worth 6 points. The minor score of a 'Behind' worth 1 Point is awarded for a kick between the main uprights and the outer lower uprights. 1 Point is also awarded if a kick through the Center Uprights is touched in flight by an opposing team player or if it touches the uprights in flight. In other words to get the 6 points it must go untouched between the center uprights.

Movement of molecules along an imaginary slope usually from higher to lower concentrations?


What does the national flag of Monaco look like?

The Monaco flag is split horizontally directly through the center, with red on the upper half and white on the lower.

Where is the geographic center of the lower forty-eight states located?

The geographic center of North America is in Rugby, ND. I don't know the geographic center of the lower forty eight at the moment.

How are the properties of molecular compounds poor conducters of electricity?

Because have lower melting points and boiling points

Are Points are named with lower case letters true or How many points determine a unique line?


What usually has a lower melting points than the ionic solids?

Covalent compounds have a lower melting point.