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Your license can be canceled if you do not have proof of insurance or if you have unpaid tickets or fines. Your license can also be canceled if you are behind in child support payments in Florida.

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Q: What if your license can be canceled if you?
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How can your license be canceled?

By giving false or fraud information, your license would be cancelled

Can your license be canceled if you accumulte 12 or more points?


The parent or guardian who signed the application for a provisional license may request to have the license canceled at any time and for any reason?


Does a revoke on a Michigan drivers license ever expire?

No, if your license is revoked, it is permanently canceled and you cannot legally get a new license until you fulfill the legal requirements to be reinstated.

Is a canceled drivers license and a suspended license the same?

No. A licence is canceled when, for example, somebody moves to another state and gets licenced in that state, then the state they were previously in cancels the licence they held previously. No driving privileges are lost. Suspension is a different matter, altogether.

If you are caught with an altered or fictitious license what will be the penalty?

it is unlawful to display a license which you know has been canceled, suspended, or altered. it is also illegal to alter a drivers license. either of these actions could result in your license being suspended.

Is it true that your license will automatically be canceled if you are convicted of DUI?

Yes. The court reports the finding of the trial to DMV and they revoke you.

Was canceled vs is canceled?


Can your license be canceled if you accumulate 12 or more points on your license?

Not necessarily canceled, but suspended, generally, for an indefinite period of time. Usually 12 points within 12 months will equal a three-month suspension. 18 points within 18 months may equal a six-month suspension, even if your drivers license was suspended for the 12 points previously mentioned.

What can cause your license can be canceled?

The "cancellation" of your license can be caused by many different things and varies from state to state. I recommed going to your local DMV and picking up the latest manual. The manual ought to have possible reasons for license suspension.

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