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For safety reasons, you should fix the problem so that you blinkers work correctly. This is a fairly common problem and the cost to repair will likely be minimal. For inspection purposes, however, your blinkers only need to work correctly during the inspection.

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Q: What if your blinkers are only working some of the time?
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If you already checked your bulbs then check your fuses, usually this is the case when all the lights stop working at the same time.

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There is a recall on the 2001 Malibu blinkers. I'm not sure exactly what had to be fixed but my Malibu was having the same problems but seem to work fine now. There is a recall on just about every late 90's to early 2000's Malibu. Even my 2000 Grand Am has the same recall! If I run the AC they seem to work again.It's weird It is probably a bad emergency light button. The blinkers are wired through it, so when it starts going out so will the blinkers. Its about $25 and takes 5 min to change.

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