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Been there Done that on this one. If you can not pay a toll then there is usually a manned booth or a "port authority" station you can go into. They then get information from you so that a bill can be mailed to your residence. On the other hand some like to run the tolls, but later get caught due to video snapshots on license plates passing the toll booth.

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Q: What if you have no money to pay a toll charge?
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Is it racist for government agencies to charge a toll knowing that some races do not tip nor wish to pay tolls?

No. Governments charge fees and tolls in order to obtain money to support their operations. If they did not have to, most people would choose not to pay tolls, and that has nothing to do with their race.

Where do chat lines make their money?

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Missing a toll in New Jersey will result in possible fines. Depending on the toll, a charge of $50.00 will be assessed as well as the toll charge.

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A charge card is a card you can put money on, but you will have to pay it back later

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Toll: the amount you must pay to get something done. Expressed in terms of money, effort, work, pain etc. Toll; the action of making a bell sound by moving the clapper against the bell itself.

What is a charge to cross a vassal's land or bridge called?

a toll

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A toll-free number generally will not show up at all on a landline phone bill, because there is no charge for it. A toll-free number may show up on a cell phone bill, because you still pay for the airtime, even though there is no long-distance charge. It may or may not be specifically marked as toll-free.