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AAA costs around 25 dollars a month for almost full coverage. This includes towing which can go to as far as New Hampshire if you live in the state of Massachusetts. Also, they provide quick phone service if needed.

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Q: What if any is the fee to belong to the AAA auto club?
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What are the benefits from AAA auto club?

The most talked about benefit of the AAA Auto Club is roadside assistance. As a woman, I love the idea of having help changing a flat tire or getting gas if I run out at any time. Also, they offer great car rental options for free if your car is in the shop.

Is the AAA club a good organization?

There are several people who belong to AAA and believe it to be a fine company. However, there are many who have several complaints about the company. Either way, doing your research before you commit to any company, whether it be insurance or a motor club is always a good idea.

Where can one get an AAA travel insurance?

AAA Travel Insurance can be obtained from main website of the the company. Alternatively, it may also be obtained from any of the AAA Travel Club establishments.

Does AAA East Central Automobile Club charge for towing?

Yes the AAA East Central Automobile Club charges a small fee for towing. Being a member of the club makes the fee lower than it would for any other person.

Which big auto service repair company is most reliable?

Any of the top auto service centers will stand behind their name however, according to AAA, the best way to choose an auto repair shop is to ask friends family, or co-workers. This is a AAA web page that explains how to choose a mechanic and also a link to help you find a AAA approved auto repair center in your area.

Where can one find reviews of AAA Auto Insurance?

Switch to AAA Auto Insurance today and enjoy savings, security and service. Caring Service: Understanding your car insurance needs, budget and lifestyle—that's the key to finding you the right coverage. Their insurance agents are dedicated to helping you, just like their legendary tow truck drivers

How much does AAA charge monthly on auto insurance?

That depends on your driving record and vehicle year/make/model. One thing to note is that AAA offers discounts to its members if they are a member of AAA in good standing (you don't owe AAA any outstanding money, so be sure to look into that.

If there is a charge off on an auto loan and you have the car who does it belong to?

IF there is a LEINHOLDER on ANY title, it belongs to the LEINHOLDER.

How long a period of time does AAA Auto Insurance cover a rental car?

There are two different types of AAA Auto Insurance, one is through the card membership, and varies from club to club, or the Personal Auto Insurance plan.Your personal Auto insurance can vary depending upon which plan you select from AAA at the time of contracting. Some of the policies cover an extremely limited section of coverage, usually limited to Liability, but does not cover essentials such as loss or damage to vehicle, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), PAI (Personal Accident Insurance), PEC (Personal Effects Coverage), etc. And, in many cases, it can even exclude the LDW (Liability Damage Waiver).Many of the AAA club memberships offer a minimum traffic surety bond, meaning, should you be in a traffic accident and are subject to arrest, the AAA bond covers the posting of the surety, up to a limited amount. However, should there be the presence of alcohol, of any sort, the AAA surety absolves itself from any offer of surety.It might also be considered that items not covered through car hire insurance, may be covered through your home owner's policy.In every instance, it is best to obtain clear information from your insurance carrier directly to ensure you have the appropriate and legally required coverage. An accident or loss pertaining to a hire car vehicle can have impacting and lasting consequences. It is best to be informed in advance, especially when it comes to having to pay for daily policy options, offered through the Hire Car agency, which can often dramatically increase the cost of your hire car far beyond the total rental cost.

Where can one get reviews of Auto Insurance Companies in PA?

Almost any major auto insurance company is going to have options for Pennsylvania. Do some shopping around to get the best quote or package. Triple AAA, Geico, and Allstate are all trusted options to look into for this.

Is AAA towing available to non-AAA members?

"AAA offers three levels of membership, all of which include towing of some variety. Regrettably, you must be an AAA member to receive any of these benefits."

Where can you find promotional entrance codes for the NY auto show?

AAA didn't work for me., as it expired last week. the code that worked for me was NYAUTO ($2.00 off ticket) Enjoy Used promo code "AAA" - this will give you a $2.00 off any regularly priced ticket. Good luck and enjoy.