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Assuming you are asking about putting E85 ( 85% ethanol and 15% gas ) into a regular gas burning vehicle your engine would run rough or not at all and you would cause corrosion to your normal rubber fuel lines and fuel pump. To properly convert a gas burning car to one that burns E85 one must replace the rubber fuel lines and fuel pump with ones made for flex fuel vehicles and buy an aftermarket ignition control unit that changes the opening of your injectors as compared with the engine timing.

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Q: What happens when you put ethanol in your car instead of gas?
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Is there a car powered by ethanol?

Yes, ethanol powered vehicles are also known as "flex vehicles". The Saab 9-3, which is created by Saab is powered by ethanol instead of gas.

Where can you find non ethanol gas in Florida?

ethanol added to the gas pump is leading to less mileage for my car. Where can I find non ethanol gas stations on the west coast of Fl.?

What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car I Accidentally put super unleaded instead of regular unleaded gas.?

Nothing happens, except your wallet will be lighter.

I have a 2003 Mitsubishi lancer and tried to put ethanol gas in it and i noticed that the service engine soon lightShould you flush out ethanol gas from your car or wait till you use up all the gas?

You don't have to remove gas, just add good gas as ethanol gets used up.

Is gas more flammable than ethanol?

Well Ethanol is in gas when you fill it up with your car so it is the same thing but is very flammable that is why you shouldn't talk on the phone while pumping gas. Very dangerous explosions.

What can you use instead of petrol in your cars in the future?

diesel Ethanol Natural Gas Propane Battery power

Can other things be used to fuel a gas powered car?

Compressed Natural Gas, Propane, Ethanol. Am I forgetting anything?

What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car i accidentally put regular umleaded gas instead of premium gas?

you will be ok MIGHT notice a very s;ight decrease in performance

What fuel is used in a car?

Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol, or Natural Gas depending on the engine.

Can you subsayute ethnoal for gas?

Yes, you can substitute ethanol for gas in a Brazilian "flexfuel" car. It has a chip that calibrates the engine for either fuel.

What gas stations in Edmond Oklahoma sell xxx mags?

What gas stations in Tulsa Ok. does not have ethanol? My car gets 50 miles less a tank on the 10% ethanol and with all the rising costs of life in general I cant afford to use this gas.

What is an eletric car?

A electric car is a car that only uses electric instead of gas.