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It prevents it from gelling up.

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Q: What happens when you heat diesel fuel for your truck?
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What lights the fuel in a diesel engine?

Diesel fuel is ignited by a combination of heat and compression. The heat is caused by the very high compression in the cylinder. The fuel also has to be very finely atomised to be able to burn.

What is the heat of combustion of diesel fuel?

The heat of combustion of diesel fuel is typically around 45 MJ/kg. This represents the amount of energy released when a unit mass of diesel is completely burned in air.

Can you use the oil from your truck too heat your home?

If you are talking about standard #2 diesel fuel oil and not motor oil and you have a #2 oil fired furnace or boiler in the home the answer is yes .

Which engine type relies on heat compression to ignite the fuel?

Diesel engines rely on heat and high compression to ignite fuel.

Why does your diesel truck have two batteries?

Vehicles with diesel engines require more cranking power to get the engine started. This is because diesel engines have much higher compression in the cylinders than gasoline engines. A diesel engine uses the heat from compression to ignite the fuel. So, it takes more energy to rotate the starter fast enough to create enough heat and compression to start firing. In colder weather two batteries are a must have for a diesel as the fuel becomes thicker in colder temperatures and is harder to ignite

Can I use diesel fuel to heat my house instead of 2 fuel oil?

u can use diesel fuel but why would you? heating oil has no tax and is so much cheaper than road fuel

Can a match stick burn diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel is ignited by heat AND compression. For example: Throwing a lit match in a bucket of diesel fuel won't ignite it. However, Gasoline will catch fire with just heat. PS, Don't try that trick I taught you in sentence 2! Be smart and safe!

What is the difference between diesel fuel and diesel?

Diesel is a type of internal combustion engine wherein the fuel is ignited solely by heat produced by rapid compression of the air in the cylinder. Not by an electrical spark as in a gasoline engine. As the cyl air is compressed the air becomes heated. Fuel is injected into the hot cylinder and is ignited by the heat alone

Do diesel engines require spark plugs?

No diesel engines use the "heat of compression" to cause fuel to ignite not electrical ignition.

How fuel is ignited in diesel engine?

Just due to the heat of Compression. The fuel is Injected at a point where the air temp is high enough the fuel burns.

What happens when you put regular gas into a Chevy silverado diesel trucks?

DO NOT put gasoline into a Diesel Engine... EVER. Gasoline engines work on the principle of Combustion caused by compressing gasoline and oxygen and then adding a spark to cause a controlled explosion called "Combustion" Diesel engines do not use a spark to ignite the fuel. Diesel fuel will combust on its own when under pressure and heat. The Glow Plugs in your engine provide the initial heat to start the combustion process, but once the Engine is started, the glow plugs shut off and it is just a process of Heat generated by the previous "explosion" and the compression of the fuel and oxygen. If you put gasoline into a Diesel engine, it will not start, and if by chance it did, The thermal (explosive) properties of gasoline are very different from a Diesel fuel and you would probably destroy the engine. If you have put only a small amount, say a quart or so, your worries are small. Fill the tank the rest of the way with diesel and run it. A small amount of gasoline will not hurt a diesel engine. In fact, the US Army, back when the engines were diesel and not multifuel, typically had the practice of adding a quart to a gallon of gasoline to diesel truck tanks in the winter to prevent foaming. If you have filled the tank with gasoline, however, do not turn the engine over. Drain the tank and refill it with diesel.

How does diesel fuel ignite in the engine?

The engine's pistons compress the fuel (an air and diesel oil mixture) in the cylinders and the heat generated by that compression causes the fuel to ignite.A longer answerDiesel engines ignite their fuel solely by means of compression: whilst spark plugs are used to ignite the gasoline fuel and air mixture in gasoline engines, in diesel engines the diesel oil and air mixture is compressed to a very much higher degree, which causes a lot of heat. The resulting very high temperature causes the fuel to self-ignite.