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when riders go around a sharp turn on a roller coaster, they're accelerated. it feels like there is a force pushing them against the side of the car.

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Q: What happens when riders on a roller coaster go on a sharp turn?
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What is lateral motion and how does it relate to roller coasters?

Lateral motion is a type of gravatational force. Whean a roller coaster goes around sharp curves or helixes riders experience lateral motion.

What forces act on a roller coaster car as it moves around a sharp curve?

inertia, centrifugal force

Who invented the first Tubular Steel Roller Coaster?

John miller developed the underfriction wheel. In 1919 he patented the "Miller Under Friction Wheel," which consisted of a wheel that ran under the track to keep the coaster cars from flying off. This allowed the designers to use very steep drops, sharp horizontal and vertical curves and high speeds

What causes dizziness on a roller coaster?

Inside your inner ear there is a fluid in a small chamber. This fluid is what helps the brain balance. It's how you know when you're leaning to a side, or even upside down. While on a roller coaster the sharp turns and loops makes that liquid slosh around a lot. This sends mixed signals to the brain, and causes in some people a disorienting effect. However when you ride a lot of roller coasters this effect does not occur. That is because the brain has become accustom to the sensation and the signals it is receiving.

Why does a rollercoaster have lots of smooth curved corners instead of sharp corners?

So the riders don't die.

Why do g-forces make roller coasters so exciting?

because you can make sharp turns

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