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The car will jerk, feel like there is something heavy slowing it down and then it will not move. It happened to me today and you will know it when it happens. The car will not be able to move until that axle is fixed (which is a cheap fix)

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Q: What happens when an axle breaks on a car while driving?
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Will a tire fall off when the wheel bearing breaks?

A bad wheel bearing can cause your tire to tilt inward. The motion of the tire tilt thing in word, while you are driving, can cause the axle to break and the tire to come off.

What happens when a car axle breaks?

Nothing much serious. But broken axle will damage your car this may include broken engine , ball joint etc. Best thing is to change it every 50000 km.

Why does a axle come out a Chrysler 9.25 differential while driving?

The axle shaft is retained from the inside with a horseshoe looking clip.The axle shaft is retained from the inside with a horseshoe looking clip.

Did anyone else had their rear axle snap causing the rear right wheel to detach from vehicle while driving?

Oh I did years ago while driving a 1959 VW. My wheel passed me.

What happen when axle pop out while driving?

Your car will violently fall to the ground and will drag the frame until it comes to a complete stop.

Why your car makes clicking noise while driving it iS A 2000 Dodge Stratus?

One or both of you're drive axle bearings is dry

What if your front passenger axle a little bent is ok to drive like that?

It is not at all OK to drie with your front axle bent. While driving at high speeds, it may come loose and that ride might be your last.

How do you change rear breaks on a 2003 tracker?

How do I change rear breaks on a 2003 tracker 6cyl 4x4? the axle is in the way...

If a rear axle is bent will it make a knocking noise while driving the car?

The knocking that you are describing reminds me of a stuck universal joint. A bent axle usually wears tires out very fast more than making noise.

What would cause the front axle to break on a '97 Mercury Mountaineer?

bearning on front breaks burn out

Will a 2006 Yamaha blaster axle fit a 2003 blaster?

all blasters are interchangeable not true in 2003 the added hydro brakes and a new hood. the axle will fit tho but . most of the parts are interchangable execpt the rear axle and carrier and the breaks and hood

Why does the steering on my 99 daewoo nubira twitch on acceleration and then the cv axle breaks?

Check for a broken motor or transmission mount