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If the engine were to backfire for whatever reason and the pcv valve is stuck open, the backfire could carry into the crank case and ignite the crank case fumes. I have seen valve covers blown off an engine from this situation.

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Q: What happens when a P.C.V valve is stuck at open position?
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Will a egr valve stop a car from starting?

If it's stuck in the completely open position, it can.

Would it be possible for a stuck valve on a 1989 Cavalier Z24 to cause a Misfire?

yes. a valve in the open position will prevent compression, thus no combustion.

What if a oil pressure-relief valve get stuck in an open position?

Then you'll experience frequent low oil pressure issues.

How do you fix a furnance main gas valve that is stuck in open position replaced thermostat and new wire no help worked fine last year?

You replace the gas valve.

Brinks combination lock is stuck in open position?

My brinks locked in the open position. What do I need to do to get it fixed

Blowback though air filter 1991 ford f150 5.0?

Blowback into a 91 F150 air filter could be caused by a bad PCV valve. Check the valve for it being stuck in the open position.

Can the water tank of a toliet overflow?

Sure if the valve gets stuck open and the flapper get stuck closed.

How do you stop your murrary lawn mower carb from overloading?

If by "overloading" you mean flooding (too much fuel), two reasons are (1) the carburetor needle valve is "wide open" or the float is stuck in the open position.

What is a bent valve?

when the piston comes to top dead center or in full up position the valves must be closed if they are open the piston will hit the valve and bend it this usually happens from a valve timing issue by a slipped timing belt or chain. sometimes though this will happen if the valve sticks open from a bad valve spring

How do you wire a sprinkler control valve?

In the open position

Why does it run like choke is stuck then dies blowing gas out of line Briggs and stratton?

It could be that the spark need to be replaced. Other reasons could be that the carburetor needle valve is opened too far, or the float is stuck in the open position.

Does a ecg valve stop a car from starting?

It is possible if it is stuck open, but highly unlikely.