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If you have driven through water and the check engine light in your vehicle comes on, you should take your car to your mechanic. You will want to have your vehicle checked for any damage caused by the water.

Probably will find that the ignition (plugs, wires, etc) got wet and triggered a misfire code (P0300). Allow the system to dry thoroughly and when the system detects there is no misfire after a few drive cycles the check engine light will go out.

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Q: What happens when Check engine light comes on after driving through water?
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Why does the check engine light remain on after driving through water?

You will need to have a technician scan the computer for codes. It is very possible that you have an oxygen sensor problem.

What happens when governor pressure sensor goes bad?

the check engine light will come on and off and the vehicle will not shift through all the gears properly

Your 2006 Chrysler 300 will not crank after driving through water?

If you can hear a click from the starter, but it does not spin, you may have sucked water into the engine. That can destroy the engine. You need to remove the spark plugs to check for water in the cylinders.

Can you damage your accord driving long distances with the check engine light on?


Why does my 1993 ford escort dies sometime while driving The fuel cut-off and check engine light sometimes comes on?

engine stalls sometimes driving

What wrong with your 93 Ford Taurus sho the check engine light come on after driving awhile?

Check your sensors.

What causes check engine light to come on after driving?

The Check Engine light comes on when the ECU detects a problem with the emissions system. Seek professional help.

Orange icon that looks like a helicopter that sHow is up on your dashboard this happens when you take the car on a motor way or do long distance driving does anyone no what it means?

Check engine most likely

What is wrong when car seems to lurch like there's not enough gas getting through and it only happens at low speeds?

Assuming your driving is not to blame, and theres a fault with the car, then yes its likely to be a fuel problem. Check the engine management system on newer cars with your dealer. Check there's enough fuel in the tank! Check the fuel pumps and filters. A blocked filter will restrict the amount of fuel flow. Check the fuel injectors. If they are blocked with carbon, the engine will likely struggle.

What does it mean when the check engine light flashs in a 2002 Chevy Express van?

If the check engine light is flashing as you are driving it means you are about to destroy the catalytic converter(s). Stop the engine and get it to a garage.

When do you check your engine oil when iits hot or cold?

Check engine oil when you have just finished driving. Check Transmission fluid when the car is running and the transmission in in N (manual) or P (automatic).

What happens after you get spark plugs fixed and the check engine light still comes on?

Go to Auto Zone and they will check you engine light for FREE... And go from there...