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you can through out the camber and that causes your tires to wear on one side or the other and it can also do damage to you idler arm and tie rods, which is an important part of your front suspension

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Q: What happens to the suspension of a car if you hit a lot of bumps?
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What happens when a car is faster than the other car and hit?

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What happens when bike suspension bottoms out?

Bottoming out means that the suspension has compressed as far as it can, and usually it doesn't mean that much. Suspension parts frequently have a rubber block that the mechanics fetch up against at full compression. But it will mean a harder landing that may either damage the bike or the rider.

What happens if you hit someone with your car?

They might get hurt and part of your car would have a dent depending on how hard you hit them

What happens if you hit a car in a car park with no damage?

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Why does the rodeo jump when you hit a pot hole?

rigid box truck frame and a suspension with more travel than a car.

Diagnose a front end wobble in subary legacy def not a tire issue only happens when hit smallish bumps in the road concerned as to safety otherwise drives smooth at all speeds?

If your front-end is loose after hitting a bump, but not at speed, when you use the brakes, or when you turn - then the most likely cause is going to be your suspension.

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What would cause a loud thump under left side of ford 2002 windstar while driving straight 40 mph?

If it is a continuous thump (ie thump, thump, thump) that changes in speed with the speed of the vehicle it is likely related to a tire problem. If it happens when you hit a bump or immediately afterwards it is likely due to something loose or worn out in the suspension. If it happens somewhat randomly and doesn't seem affected by bumps it may be a loose piece of trim, or something loose under the car getting knocked around by the winds.

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What is the popping sound you hear when you turn your wheel or hit even the smallest of bumps in the road on a 2003 jeep liberty 4x4?

Could be worn or loose steering/suspension parts. Have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle soon.