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nothing legally, this is more a moral Q; if you think you have a statement that might clarify matters, the police will take it without repercussions.

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Q: What happens if you witness an accident and leave the scene?
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What happens if you leave the scene of a accident?

If you are involved in the accident it is a crime to leave the scene, but if you are a witness or bystander there is no problem.

What happens if you have an accident on private property in Georgia and one or both parties leave the scene of the accident?

you leave too

How long do you have to file a police report for a car accident?

you can not leave the scene of a accident

What is leaving the scene of an accident in tx?

This simply means that if you were involved in any type of accident and leave before authorities arrive, you have left the scene of an accident with out making a statement.

Can you legally leave the scene of a motorcycle accident with injuries if you are a witness in new York?

In any state all parties involved in any accident are able to walk away, The driver is the only one mandatory to stay. Those who leave cannot claim any lawsuit or obtain any information.

If a passenger leaves the scene of an accident can the passenger be charged?

I doubt it. The police might want to question a passenger as a witness to the accident. Also, the passenger might need medical attention, so it's best to stay at the scene of an accident.

Can you leave the scene of an accident if both parties agreed to do so?

of course not.

If it's a crime to hit a car and leave the scene of the accident what trouble can a person get into?

man slaughter if the person dies Hit and Run Leaving the scene of an accident.

Is it legal to leave the scene of an accident?

No. If you witnessed the accident you are supposed to give a statement to law enforcement prior to leaving.

What would you not do if you witnessed or were aware of an accident occurring or a mistake being made?

The worst thing you can do if you witness any accident is to leave the scene, unless you must do so to get help. If you see a mistake being made, you might want to inform that person that they are making a mistake and what the consequences might be.

What should someone do if they witness a bad car accident?

As a witness to a bad car accident, a person should stay on the scene until they have told their version of the story to the police. Most often a police officer will want contact information for the witness in case more information is needed.

Can a person leave the scene of a car accident without waiting or calling for help?

you can, but then its a felony