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Nothing if you drain it out and flush the cooling system. Oil is not a good coolant, and the water pump will have a hard time pumping it, so the vehicle will overheat if you do not remove the oil.

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Q: What happens if you put oil in your antifreeze?
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What happens if you put antifreeze in the crankcase?

vehicle will overheat. just dump the oil and antifreeze , flush engine and refill with clean oil

If you mix antifreeze and oil and put it in a gas tank what happens?

You have a mess.

What happens if you put antifreeze in where the oil go?

If you start and warm up your engine: 1) The oil gets very foamy and mucky, and does not circulate through the engine properly. 2) The water in the antifreeze can heat up until it turns to steam, which expands with great force, and breaks some part of the engine. It's best to have the oil changed. That will empty the engine of the oil and antifreeze mix.

You have put antifreeze instead of oil in your vauxhall astra?

Drain it out.

What happens if you put mistake a small quantities of antifreeze in the oil thank?

Even small amounts of coolant in the engine oil will cause damage to internal parts over time. Change the oil and filter now.

What happens if you accidentally pour antifreeze where your engine oil goes?

you have a big problem

What happens if you put the wrong colour antifreeze in your car?

Nothing Nothing

Do you put antifreeze in with oil when replacing it?

No ! antifreeze is usually mixed 50/50 with preferably distilled water for your cooling system

What happens when antifreeze and synthetic oil mix?

It will destroy the engine from lack of lubrication and overheating.

What happens when you add antifreeze to your engine instead of oil?

If you run it that way you will cause internal damage.

What happens when antifreeze is poured into your oil?

When antifreeze is poured into your oil, it weakens your oil cause it to break down prematurely and can cause your engine to fail by spinning an engine bearing and even smoke. This is also a sign of a blown head gasket.

Would my car run again if antifreeze was accidentally put into oil passage?