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you get a bad record on your credit

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2009-04-21 23:35:42
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Q: What happens if you give the car back to the dealership?
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Dealership can not finance car do we have to give it back?

find out another dealer who can finance your car.

What happens if you give up a car before lease is up turn into dealership after 13 months on a 3 year lease?

If you give the car back to the car dealership before your lease has expired, then the lease is over. You stop paying the monthly payments. This is very common in people who want a low monthly payment, thus they get a long car lease and then end up trading back in the car for a new car before the lease has expired.

Does selling your car back to the dealership a good deal?

No. They'll scam you and give you much less money.

Bought car from dealership that took care of financing arrangements - All payments timely made old vehicle traded - Dealership now trying to repo says bank did not approve finance What remedy -AZ?

Tell the dealership to give you your old car back and any money you gave them then you will give them their car back.You might want to consult an attorney.

Can dealership back out of signed contract once approved financing and drove the car off lot?

after approved financing and signed contract, have had car 8 days, can a dealership take car back?

What happens if a Florida car dealership cannot give you financing at the rate you signed for?

The same as if a Georgia dealership, or Michigan dealership, or Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, or a dealership from any other state cannot do so. Actually it is not a question of the dealership, it is a question of what the lender will do. The lender is the party that accepts the risk of loaning you money to purchas a vehicle. If they determine you are not an acceptable risk, then the dealership cannot sell you a car. The dealership has no liability to you.

Can you sell back the car to the dealership when your car is wroth more then what you owe?

yes because you don't have to pay for the car. But if the dealership does not want to buy it you can't sell it to them

How do get the car dealership to give you a good deal to lease a new car and inculde the hard plate with the car?

make them give you one

What happens if you lend your car and the person does not want to give it back in Georgia?

Call the police.

What happens if the car dealership has lost the paperwork?

If the car dealership has lost the paperwork, they are responsible for finding it. You may be able to get out of the deal if you wish to at this point since they were totally irresponsible.

How long do you have to take a used car back to the dealership?

anybody care ? nO !

When I sell the truck back to the car dealership where do I sign on the title?

as seller

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