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I did exactly that last month putting about a 1/2 quart before i realized. As long as you havent started the engine use a siphon to extract as much of the oil as possible Drain radiator refill with clean water and use a prestone back flush kit, refill with 50/50 antifreeze and you should be alright I havent had any problems at all.

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2009-06-19 23:50:32
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Q: What happens if some oil is put in the water coolant by accident?
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Does one need to use a truck accident attorney if they have an accident in a small truck?

No, you do not need a truck accident attorney if you're in a small truck accident. There are no attorney's specifically for truck accidents, but there are some for all automobile accidents.

Is antifreeze and engine coolant the same?

"Engine coolant" can mean water or anti-freeze, whichever circulates through the engine to draw heat from the block, through the radiator where it is cooled by the fan and then recirculated. Anti-freeze (ethylene glycol, which is sweet-tasting and often fatally ingested by pets and children) is preferred over water because it doesn't promote rust and is a more effective coolant. There are numerous types of coolant/antifreeze on the market and NO they are not all the same. Though many contain ethylene or proplyene glycol the corrosion and rust inhibitors vary greatly from type to type. For example Dexcool (orange) is an HOAT coolant and should not be used in ford motor vehicles. You should follow the manufacturers instructions and use the correct coolant. No matter what some companies say i.e. prestone, there is no such thing as "any make, any model, any color" coolant.

What does it mean when your car coolant is brown and thick?

It could be that it is neglected coolant that is rusty, However, engine oil could be entering the cooling system via a cracked head gasket. Check the engine oil dipstick and oil filler cap. If there is a white milky substance on either. see your mechanic right away! Do not run the engine until the problem is corrected. that is an excellent answer but you mite try draining it and flushing out the system until you get clean water coming out let it drain empty then put an anti rust and fresh coolant in and see what happens, you MAY save some money?!!! That is a good idea IF it can be confirmed that the coolant is not contaminated with oil.first. This is where a qualified mechanic with proven tests and equipment can save money. i was a mechanic for 40 years

Why is coolant leaking under your car?

There are a lot of reasons why your cars is leaking coolant , some can be a bad water pump, a bad upper radiator hose or a lower or it can be a bad radiator it self , is can be bad head gasket,or your radiator is not holding Enough PSI the normal range is 8-14. so i hoped i help the best i could.

Car is smoking after putting in coolant?

if the smoke is coming from the tail pipe it sounds like a blown head gasket or maybe a cracked cylinder head. if not, you may have spilled some coolant on the exhaust or around the radiator. coolant takes time to burn it off.

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What happens when a car runs out of antifreeze?

Assuming you still have some form of coolant (water) in your radiator then the coolant will freeze when the weather is cold enough, coolant expands when it freezes, this may cause permanent damage to your engine, such as split pipe's, burst radiator, cracked engine block

What happens when your parent gets in a car accident and you're still at home by yourself?

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Can You Put Just Water Into A 1995 Crown Vic Police Interceptar If It's Over Heating Or Do You Need Coolant Or... Can I Put Just Water until I Can Get Some Coolant I Need A Run Down...?

water will work until you can get proper coolant

Can you use water instead of or as a coolant if you do not have coolant?

Yes. The best to use is of course is a mixture of water and coolant but just water will work fine in your vehicle. Add coolant when you can get some for the best cooling. But only temporarily in an emergency. Water alone was fine (when the temperature stayed above freezing) back in the 1950s, but today's engines need the rust inhibitors and other additives.

What is the difference between injury and accident?

an ACCIDENT is due to the carelessness of a certain person (without presence of mind) while INJURY is the main effect of an accident in addition,injury happens after the accident. *) -->missmakulet

Why does a car need water in its engine?

Water or coolant keeps the engine cool . -Some engines are air cooled.

What happens when warm water mixes with cold water?

Some of the water will get a little warmer, and some will get colder.

Think of some things you use water for?

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How do you change the water pump on 1978 Cadillac Hearse?

I changed a Water Pump first by draining the Coolant and there are some bolts that need to be loosened to take the Water Pump off. Make sure you a Gasket on the New Water Pump and use sealant to prevent Coolant leakage.

How do you tell a water pump on a 1999 Buick is bad?

from a non-mechanic but usually there is some coolant leakage

What happens if you put too much coolant in the radiator?

The extra coolant will simply be pushed into the reservoir once the coolant heats up enough. It is also possible that (especially if there is already some fluid in the reservoir) that it will be pushed out of the reservoir unto the ground. Radiator fluid (antifreeze) is toxic to animals (it tastes sweet and so animals may be attracted to it). Please clean up or spray down with plenty of water any coolant that leaks or pours on the ground.

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