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Well that one is touchy. Many people say that it will destroy your car but from experience and observation I can tell you that depending on the car it can run without it but it's bad for your engine and eventually it will destroy your engine. If you run without antifreeze your car will over heat. Antifreeze is an engine coolant aka it works with your car to make sure that you engine doesn't overheat. It's not wise to go without it but not impossible. My suggestion for you is to make sure you get antifreeze in your car. If you wish to gamble the maintenance of your vehicle more power to you but expect it not to last a very long time. If a car is properly taken care of it can easily last most of your life. As for the car garage if they take it out they need to put it back in. Their job is to keep your car in good shape maintenance wise. I'd go back and raise all hell. you out. ~Angelic Beauty~ ////////basically you must not run your engine without coolant it will simply overheat very quickly and seize up pdq

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Q: What happens if car garage forgets to put antifreeze back in?
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