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The stopping power will be reduced significantly if a lot of air is trapped in the system. This is because air compresses much more easily than brake fluid. Often, the air trapped in the system will work its way out, but this may leave the fluid reserve very low. Therefore, the reserve should be checked after the brakes are bled and after the car has been driven a couple times.

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Q: What happens if brakes are not bled correctly?
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What happens to the bicycle when added new brakes?

If installed correctly, it will probably brake better.

What causes ABS brakes to be spongy?

ABS brakes are not spongy. If you have spongy brakes the reason is that there is air in the system. You need to have your brakes bled.

What if brakes are not building up pressure to stop?

You have air in the lines and they need to be bled out.

Why do the brakes go to the floor before beginning to respond?

you either need a new brake master cylinder or your brakes need to be bled

Why would you hear air when brakes are pressed?

brakes may need bled but more than likely vacuum booster is bad

Why does break peddle go to the floor after they have been bled?

Depends on if all four brakes were bled, if they were look at vacuum leaks or a faulty master cylinder as the culprit

Why would the back brakes work and not the front brakes?

it depends on the year of the vehicle. it could be a bad brake line or the may just need to be bled

Brake problems Pontiac trans am GTA?

Ii might be the way the brakes was bled. The brakes has to be bled with the car running and in this order: right rear, left front, left rear, right front. The computer wont recognize any other way.

How do you adjust the rear brakes on a 1990 Nissan pick up with new brakes and they have been bled and pedal goes down almost to the floor?

If your brakes are new and the system has been bled, your next step is to see if you have a leak in any of your brake lines and also check your brake master cylinder to see if it's working or not.

Is there a special way to bleed brakes on 1987 4runner?

no, if you've ever bled brakes, use the same method you used before. it should work fine.

1991 Ford Aerostar both brakelights are on I do not have the owners manual One light is for the rear antilock brakes and the other states brakes I P What do these mean I just bled the brakes?

HI, Question, where the Lights on before you bled the brakes? or did they come on only after you bled the brakes? Please let me know, Ben (Benny the BomB) ________________________________________________________________ on some cars the antilock brakes throw a code so all you haft to do is clear the code.As for the parking brake it may need to be adjusted so just pull on it a couple times. it is self adjusting ou shouldent haft to adjust it were it splits unde the car or something els is seriosly wrong.

Why would the Emergency brake light stays on in 1994 voyager?

You have air in your brake lines. Have the brakes bled.