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You end up with a b a muffler.

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Q: What happends if the a b is reversed on a muffler?
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What happends when heavy water comes out the muffler?

No heavy water in the muffler.

Which direction do you install a muffler that has an A arrow and a B arrow?

muffler, what direction do you install arrow A and B ?The A - B are direction of flow for the exhaust. If this is an aftermarket muffler. The muffler should be installed with the "A" towards the engine, and the "B" towards the rear of the vehicle.Read more:

What does the A and B on a muffler stands for?

is this a serious question lol a is inlet b is outlet

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Side and a b side stamp on a muffler which side is the tailpipe?

I would say B is the tail pipe end.

Can a pacemaker defibrillator b reversed?

400 Bad Request

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The answer may just depend on what points B and C represent, don't you think?

How do you install a muffler has a A and B on the ends for a 1990 Chevy full size g20?

a side goes to engine

What can the rattling from under my f150 be?

the muffler rattling? the muffler rattling? the muffler rattling?

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What is a rock muffler?

A Rock muffler (or silencer in British English) is a device for reducing the amount of noise emitted by a machine.Rock muffler - rigid silencer muffler

Craftsman leaf blower will not start with the muffler on it why?

The muffler is most likely clogged and will not allow the exhaust gases to exit the combustion chamber. Check the muffler for obstructions or replace the muffler.