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The red spray gun warning light on your 2003 Van is an indication that the windshield washer fluid is low. Fill the windshield washer fluid container and the light should go off.

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Q: What goes red warning light looks like a red little spray gun on a 2003 iveco 35s12 van?
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What does a warning light with edc mean on a iveco eurocargo?

EDC stands for Electronic Diesel Control. If the warning light comes on in a Iveco Euro Cargo, it usually means you need to change the diesel filter.

On iveco 7.5 tonne eurocargo engine warning light is on and also warning triangle?


What is the aoh warning light on iveco eurocargo?

The AOH warning light that comes on when firm pressure is placed on the brake pedal in an iveco eurocargo is usually a red brake warning light which has the word 'AoH' in the center. The letters AoH is Air over hydraulic and the warning light mean the over stroke switch has become activated in the brake chamber. The will either require the brake chamber to be bled or the front master cylinder to be replaced.

What does a steering axle warning light mean on an iveco daily?

Power steering fluid is low, or sensor fault

Iveco warning lights?

The low air warning light is in indication the air compressor is not working or can't keep up with replenishing the air system. The red battery warning light is an indication the battery is not charging properly.

What does a red warning light with brackets round mean on a iveco van?

Is it possible that your emergency brake is stuck part way on? This is the light, it may be crossed or broken.

What does warning light Aoh on iveco 7.5 mean?

Something wrong with fluid side maybe need to bleed them or could be a problem with master cylinder

What does the IBC light on Iveco Eurocargo mean?

IBC stands for Iveco body controller. When the IBC light comes on for the Iveco Eurocargo, it means that there is a communication error between the tachometer and the oil sensor.

What is the red warning light shaped like a sheering wheel with a wavy line under it.on a iveco 45 2500 mean?

Could mean traction control?

Ibc light iveco?

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What does the rear light warning light look like?

It looks like a little red car with little lines sticking out from it to resemble light rays.

What does abd light mean on iveco daily dash?

Automatic Diff Blockade