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Q: What fram filter size same as car quest 85358?
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Which car does fram filter pH 3317 fit?

First off I do not recommend Fram Filters. They are no where near the best filter you can buy. Purolator, Wix, Bosch, and others make superior filters for the same price. Saying that, there is no Fram filter with the model number PH3317. There is however a Fram P3317 which is an oil filter used on International Harvester tractors and many other types of construction equipment including stump grinders, concrete saws, pumps, and other types of equipment. This filter is not used on any cars.

Is a Fram TG3387A the same as TG3980 other than the length?

Other than length they appear to be the same.

How do you change a Cabin Air Filter on a Mitsubishi mirage 2000?

on my opinion the filter most to stay in to blower unit

What cars use fram dg16?

My German Ford Cologne engine (2.8l V-6) uses it in a British TVR. It's likely the mid-eighties Bronco II also uses it (same block)

How do you change air filter on 2005 rav4?

Step one: locate the air filter cover using your owner's manual. Step two: open the cover and remove the air filter. It should not require much, if any, force. Note: Never start or run the vehicle while the air filter is removed. Step three: place the new air filter in the same position in the same way as the old air filter came out. Make sure it is not all bent up (applies to paper filters only) and makes a seal. Step four: re-attach the air filter cover and you're done. Any extra information specific to your rav4 should be in the owner's manual. Make sure you check it first.

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What fram filter size same as car quest 85106?

Fram C164

What is the fram oil filter cross reference to PF47?

The fram 3387A is the same as the PF 47.

What is the fram oil filter cross reference for Honda oil filter 15410 mcj 000?

Try contacting Fram. I am looking for the same. Cheers!

Is a purolator oil filter L30001 the same as a Fram pH8A?

The L30001 does cross reference to a Fram PH8A That is not saying the filter quality is identical, just that they are interchangeable.

What filters are the same as Napa 1106 oil filter?

Fram c164

What FRAM oil filter crosses with a kawasaki 49065-7010 oil filter?

Fram oil filter PH 4967 is the equivalent of Kawasaki filter 49065-7010. The Fram filter will usually be cheaper with about the same performance. There are usually books of such cross-references located at the stores that sell the oil filters.

Is a wix 57060 the same as fram pH 48 oil filter?


What is the Cross reference for fram 3614 to microgard oil filter?

Microgard filters are made by fram and they go by the same number. Examle, Fram 7317 would be a Microgard 7317.

What kind of oil filter for a 1989 jeep wrangler?

Fram Filter Number for an 89 Wrangler with a 6 Cylinder Engine is 3985 any Fram Filter with 3985 after the 2 Letters will fit I Believe the 4 Cylinder uses the same filter But if it is a 4 Cyl Then Double check The fram Filter Guide At your local Auto Part store

What is the purolator oil filter cross reference for Briggs strattonoil filter 696854?

The part number for either Fram or Purolator is the same, PH8170. Fram at Autozone is $9.99. Purolator at AdvanceAuto is $17.00.

Cross reference Kubota oil filter hh164-32430 to fram filter?

I'm told a Fram PH8A is compatible... they are the same physical shape and size, but I havn't personally tried it on my Kubota yet.

Is a Champion PH 8 Oil Filter the same as Fram PH8?

No, they are made by different manufactures. I recommend using an oil filter other than Fram or a filter made by Fram. Fram oil filters are not made of high quality materials and they have known issues that may cause the filter to fail causing possible damage to the engine. Champion, Wix, Purolator, AC/Delco, Motorcraft, & Bosch are all excellent filters.

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