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Q: What form of transportation uses the most energy per passenger mile?
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Is air travel safer then auto?

As far as air travel being safer then travelling by car, in deaths per passenger-mile ... yes. almost any form of transportation is safer than going by car.

What is a passenger mile?

A passenger mile is a measure of how many people have been carried by an airline or other transport system. It is used as the denominator when comparing number of incidents, deaths, mechanical failures, etc. of modes of transportation. For example, if three people get on a bus and are carried for exactly one mile, the bus has traveled one mile, but the services has racked up three (3) passenger miles.

An accident at Three Mile Island in 1979 led to increased concerns about which form of energy?

nuclear energy.

How much electricity per mile does a monorail use?

It depends on the system and the operating speed of course but as anexample of a typical monorail used for public transportation the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn uses 2.98kWh/km or 1.85kWh per train mile.This translates to approx. 2.25kWh per passenger km (1.4kWh/passenger mile)

What is a pax mile?

It is short for passanger-mile which is a measurement unit for transportation performance

What is Last mile delivery?

Last Mile is a term used in supply chain management and transportation planning to describe the movement of people and goods from a transportation hub to a final destination in the home.

How high is a passenger plane at one mile from landing?

About 320 feet at 1 nautical mile on a standard 3 degree approach.

How do you write three hundredths of a mile in standard form?

.003 of a mile

How can you get the simplest form in form?

Here is an example Tom walked 8/10 of a mile. Helena walked 2/10 of a mile. Express your answer in simplest form.

Can car pooling help reducing exhaust emission and cost per passenger mile is?

yes that is true.

What is an available seat-mile?

An available seat-mile is a measure of an airline flight's passenger carrying capacity - calculated as the number of seats onboard an aircraft multiplied by the distance flown in miles.

What can moving water form a mile deep?

a canyon