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There are a few different options for car parking available at Gatwick Airport. These include off airport parking, on airport parking, and also meet and greet valet parking.

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Q: What extra services can one get at 'Gatwick Airport' related to car parking?
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Where is the lost luggage office at Gatwick Airport?

There is a 'left luggage' facility at the South terminal - see related link for more details....

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What is the nearest airport to kent England?

Kent University, UK, has two main campuses, Canterbury and Medway.The University has arrangements for collection of students from either Gatwick or Heathrow airport.Stansted airport is also relatively near, but the University does not have a regular transport service for students arriving from that airport.A car/taxi journey from Gatwick Airport to the Canterbury campus is about 69 milesFrom Stansted the road distance is about 84 miles.From Heathrow it is about 93 miles.The journey will take from about 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hrs 10 mins, but this will be affected by traffic conditions at the time.A car journey from Gatwick will normally be the quickest, and from Heathrow it will take the longest time.Possibly the choice of airport will depend on the convenience of air routes available from your starting point.See 'Related links' for more information.

What are some examples of companies that offer a meet and greet service at Gatwick Airport?

“meet-and-greet airport service” along with the name of the airport that you’re flying out of, and you should see a number of companies that offer meet and greet services pop up. Write down as many of them as you can so that you have lots of options available to you during your search. Check how many experiences they have. You can also contact for meet and greet facilities directly with the airport office Or Simply enquire Jodogoairportassist .com for meet and greet service, airport assistance Or wheelchair assistance, VIP Fast track service, etc., Depending on the meet and greet service that you choose, they can help you with a huge range of airport-related needs. These kind of meet and greeters will be in contact with your driver to inform him of your exact time of arrival; They welcome you at the gate of the aircraft with a sign labeled with your name; they expedite you through passport and customs checks; they would also take care of all your luggage and help you to your pre-arranged means of transport."

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