What exactly is a catback?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is the part of the exhaust system that is AFTER the catalytic converter.

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Q: What exactly is a catback?
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Do i need a catalytic converter with a catback exhaust?

Catback is shortened slang for "everything back from the catalytic converter". It is a bolt on exhaust which connects to the rear of the pipe holding the catalytic converter, and ends with the muffler and exhaust tip. In short, you need a cat to have a catback.

Is the GReddy Ti-C Catback for Civic SI (2006-2009 okay for a lowered car?

The GReddy catback is great for a lowered car, and is very easy to install.

Will the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System for 06-09 Honda Civic affect my emissions reading?

The GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System will have absolutely no effect on emissions readings because it retains the stock catalytic converter.

How do you get your 1991 camaro louder?

Long tube headers and a good catback exhaust. get magnaflow or a flowmaster

Does the exhaust from a 95 gsx or a 92 gsx fit on a 92 gst?

just the exhaust will fit. The entire catback is different.

On a 98 Honda civic is the muffler bolt on or is it welded on?

yes at the cat then oem muffler welded on..... so u plan on doin a catback??

How much horsepower does a cat back exhaust and a cold air intake add to a Scion Tc?

You will get maybe 5hp out of the cai and 10-15 out of the catback.

How do you get more horsepower for your 1998 civic ex quickly?

how much u lookin too gain?? Catback exhaust, cold intake, full exhaust.

Does the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System reduce emissions?

The GReddy Ti-C will help with emissions, but not dramatically so. It will increase performance dramatically, though.

How much do you charge to put new headers in a 1996 Chevy Camaro?

sawzall and trash entire existing exhaust $50 remove AIR system $50 remove left manifold $50 remove right manifold $100 Install long tubes $100 Install ORY $25 Install CatBack $100 Call it $500 plus 500 for the headers 200 for the ORY 350 for the CatBack Call it $1500

What is the best way to increase your hp in your 2000 Honda civic without paying a lot?

Cold Intake, Catback exhaust.... i guess it depends on how much u wanna spend!!

Will the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System make my honda run quieter?

The GReddy Ti-C will make your Honda run quieter, but only if installed correctly.