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Make sure you have a jack and a lug nut wrench. Lug nut sizes vary, so make sure you have the correct size! Also, make sure you have the strength to actually tighten or loosen the lug nuts; if you don't, get a "breaker bar" or a tool with a longer handle. This will greatly increase your leverage.

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Q: What equipment is needed to change a car tire?
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Give you a sentence for equipment?

Equipment is a tool like a pencil or tools to fix cars. I wanted to change a flat tire on my car but I didn't have the right equipment. A dentist needs to have a lot of equipment to fix teeth.

How can a car tire be changed?

Car tires are not too difficult to change, if you know what you are doing and have the proper tools. You will need a jack and a tire iron. Most cars come with the proper equipment for changing a tire. Many also have instructions included with the jack.

What are the equipment needed for racing?

a car.

What Necessary Items are needed to change your oil in your car?

An oil pan, tire iron (or crowbar), 5 qts. of oil (the amt. depends on what cylinder your car or truck is) & a car jack

How do you change tire on 89 regency?

sell the car you shouldn't be around it if u cannot change the tire

How do you remove pt crusier spare tire?

Haha.... I have a 2004 PT cruiser and when I needed to change the tire it took me an hour to figure this out. The spare tire is under the car. Open the trunk and look for a large bolt in the trunk floorboard. Use your jack to turn the bolt. This will release the spare tire from the bottom of your car.

What you need to change a tire?

To change an actual tire you need a tire machine to get it off the rim and the new one on. -If you mean the change the WHEEL and tire on a car, then you just need a jack and a tire wrench.

How come when you put 31psi in to a tire then put that tire on to a car then lower the car does the tire still have 31psi in it?

The inside volume of the tire has not changed, so the pressure will not change.

Can camber and caster be adjusted on a 2005 Toyota solara?

Yes but special equipment is needed. Take the car to a qualified alignment shop if you're experiencing abnormal tire wear. Cheers

What does a tire toe alignment mean?

Tire toe alignment means that the tire has to be aligned with the "toe" of the car which is the shell that covers the car. This allows the tires to be easily adjusted if needed.

Where can I find tire info for my car - will General Tire provide this?

General tire is considered a reputable brand and can change and give you new tires for your car.

How To Change Tires?

To change a tire you will need a jack to lift the car, a spare tire, and a tool to remove the bolts of the tire. Use the jack first to lift the car, then remove the tire, replace it with the new one, and tighten the bolts.