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gamma rays

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Q: What electromagnetic radiation is used to measure the speed of a passing car?
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Which of these is constant for ALL types of electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum?

Answer = Velocity Velocity is the speed of light and, the speed of light, is a constant among Electromagnetic Radiation in the vacuum of space.

How fast are electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light, or approximately 300,000,000 meters per second.

What does radiation have to do with the speed of light?

All forms of electromagnetic radiation move from place to place at the speed of light.

Does radio waves always travel the speed of light?

Radio waves, like light, is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Other types of electromagnetic radiation include X-rays, infrared radiation, and gamma rays. All electromagnetic radiation travel at the speed of light.

Is speed a constant for all types of electromagnetic radiation in space?

Yes it is. It's the speed we call the "speed of light", although it applies equally to electromagnetic radiation at all frequencies/wavelengths.

Heat waves traveling at the speed of light are called?

Heat waves traveling at the speed of light are called RADIATION! :)

What do not travel at the speed of light?

Nothing except electromagnetic radiation do.

How can you calculate speed of radar?

Radar emissions are electromagnetic radiation that travel at the speed of light.

What do all types electromagnetic radiation have in common?

They travel at the speed of light (c = 3*108 m/s)

What distance does electromagnetic radiation travel in PS?

In a vacuum, electromagnetic radiation travels at a speed of 300,000,000 meters/second. Just convert the picoseconds to seconds, then multiply by the speed of light, to get the distance (in meters).

How does the speed of visible light compare with the speed of gamma ray?

Gamma radiation is the fastest, as it is light. speed of gamma radiation = c (light speed) speed of beta radiation < c ( below light speed ) speed of alpha radiation < c/10 ( far below light speed )

Which type of nuclear radiation travels the fastest?

All electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed. We usually call it "the speed of light" but it's the same for all other forms of electromagnetic waves.