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Aspiring car mechanics can choose several paths for their education. They may enroll in a vocational high school, get an Associate's degree in mechanics, or work as an apprenticeship.

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Q: What education is needed to be a car mechanic?
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What personal qualities are needed to be a car mechanic?

fix things

How much money does a car mechanic earn?

It depends on what kind of education he or she has

What is education needed for being a pro dirt bike mechanic?

i think it because if you fale you would still have education and it is good for you.

What education do you need to become a car mechanic?

2 years of secondary school

How do we call a person who repairs car?

A mechanic, or motor mechanic, or car mechanic.

What education do i need to be a heavy duty mechanic?

what education do I need to become a heavy duty mechanic

What are the requirements needed to become an auto mechanic?

Yes, auto mechanics does have to finish schooling to be a licensed auto mechanic. You don't have to have schooling to work as a mechanic but if something goes wrong with someone's car then you would be liable like a licensed mechanic.

What is the passive voice of The mechanic will repair the car?

The passive equivalent is "The car will be repaired by the mechanic."

How do you change car brakes for my car?

You can repair the drum brakes on your car by getting the needed parts from an auto store then either taking the car to a mechanic or finding a step by step instructions.

Where can I find a good and cheap car mechanic?

Jiffy is a great place to get your car repaired they check out your car and fix what is needed. Plus after they fix your car they clean it and make it smell good.

What things do you have 2 have 2 be a car mechanic?

Some type of education on the subject, probably a college course, and proper grammar.

How many years of school is needed for car mechanic?

Tech school after regular school, in Canada 2 years.