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VDI basically means that when you hit another car with your car, both you and the insurance company will be liable for its repair.

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Q: What does vdi means in cars?
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What does LDI and VDI means in cars?

abc aaffit

What is the Full Form for Ldi Vdi Zdi engines?

Ldi,Vdi,Zdi are the names of the models of the cars LIKE :-------- Ritz Vdi Ritz Ldi Ritz Zdi

What is the Full form of vdi?

VDI:- V means full function DI diesel model car/vehicle. where I stands for power steering and power windows!

What is vdi?

vdi is Visual data index ,which is measured in the value of Ra for the roughness measurement.

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What is VMWare VDI Horizon View?

VMWare VDI Horizon View is a virtual desktop manager and planner. This application helps simplify desktop and application management while improving security.

What is a VDI used for in an engine?

VDI is usually used in diesel engines. It stands for variable direct injection system and allows the amount of fuel to vary according to how hard the engine is working.

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Yes. The .vdi images are portable and operating-system independent.

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The airport code for Vidalia Regional Airport is VDI.

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IN SUZUKI there are mainly 3 models in petrol and diesel IN PETROL- Lxi VXI & ZXI IN DIESEL - Ldi Vdi Zdi 1)lxi &ldi are both lower basic segment models. 2)vxi&vdi are middle segment models.(some of this models contain abs (anti braking system) 3)zxi &zdi are highest segment models. ( they contain alloy wheels ,automatic climate control ac & abs)

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