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The sign that says Ride With Traffic means to keep the pace. You are not supposed to slow down traffic or speed up faster than the fastest driver during this time.

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Q: What does the yellow ride with traffic sign mean?
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What does yellow traffic sign mean?


What does a yellow traffic sign mean with 2 black arrows pointing down?

It means traffic can pass on either side of an obstruction such as an island.

What does it mean when the traffic lights blinks red or yellow?

When a traffic light blinks red it means 'yield,' so proceed as if it were a four way stop sign. I've never heard of one blinking only yellow.

What does a round traffic sign mean?


Describe the sign that tells you to watch for cross traffic ahead?

The sign is a yellow diamond with a black +. The sign MAY also contain text such as Crossroad ahead.

What school crossing sign is an example of a?

Traffic sign Road sign Warning sign Information Visual symbol

What does the question mark traffic sign mean?

Tourist information

What is a yellow blinking light at an intersection mean?

Yield. It usually means the cross-traffic has a blinking red light (stop sign). slow down because someone may pull out

What does do not enter sign mean?

A oneway roadway with traffic coming agaisnt you

Is a merging sign a warning sign?

Well, yes, it warns you that the lanes are going to merge soon into one road. If it wasn't there, drivers may not understand that they must adjust their speeds to safely merge, rather than assume other traffic must wait for them.

What color are construction warning signs?

US standard traffic warning signs are yellow background with black symbols or letters. Traffic warning signs in other countries are generally white or yellow background with a red or black border in a triangular shape. Industrial warning signs are various colors, including OSHA and ANZI standards with orange background and black lettering. A yellow OSHA or ANZI sign would mean "caution" not "warning".

What does the yellow star mean to a German soldier?

A yellow Star of David was the sign of a 'Jude' or Jew.