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POWER ADJUSTABLE FOOT PEDALS. This is what it means. I searched all over the internet, and found no answers, until I looked at a Ford Crown Victoria manual.

The following instructions are for Ford Crown Victorias.

The accelerator and brake pedal

should only be adjusted when the

vehicle is stopped and the gearshift

lever is in the P (Park) position.

Press and hold the rocker control to

adjust accelerator and brake pedal.

• Press the right side of the control to adjust the pedals toward you.

• Press the left side of the control to adjust the pedals away from you.

The adjustment allows for approximately 2.5 inches (65 mm) of

maximum travel.

Never adjust the accelerator and brake pedal with feet on the

pedals while the vehicle is moving.

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Q: What does the symbol of a foot on a pedal with 2 half circles mean?
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